从哥本哈根LEO药房的地下室开始, 巴黎人注册网站现在已经成长为皮肤科的全球领导者

In 1908, pharmacists August Kongsted and Anton Petersen (Later: Antons) bought the LEO Pharmacy in Copenhagen, 丹麦. 随着购买, 他们成立了“Københavns Løveapoteks kemiske Fabrik”, 现在被称为利奥制药. The "Københavns Løveapoteks kemiske Fabrik" started off as a company spinout from the LEO Pharmacy on the main shopping street in Copenhagen back in 1908.
The 'Københavns Løveapoteks kemiske started off as a pharmacy on the main shopping street in Copenhagen back in 1908


Two pharmacists, August Kongsted and Anton Petersen (Antons), buy a pharmacy in Copenhagen.

使用最新的工业流程, 他们在新店的地下室里开始生产药品. It is their main ambition to cover the home market with standardized drugs before foreign companies.

尽管这家药房自1620年以来一直被称为“LEO”, 1909年,这两位雄心勃勃的化学家将这个名字注册为商标. They already have a logo: a painting by artist Anna Rink inspired by an Assyrian bas-relief at the Louvre. 利奥制药的标志诞生并注册于1911年.


他们在1909年推出的第一款产品是Paraghurt®, 直到2003年,他一直是LEO pharma投资组合中的医疗保健产品. 1910年,员工总数为3人. In 1912, 巴黎人注册网站公司推出第一款药物, 止痛药Albyl®, 丹麦几十年来最流行的止痛药是什么. In 1914, the company takes its first step to become international with the establishment of its first affiliate, AB LEO赫尔辛堡在瑞典.


In 1917, LEO Pharma helps establish the Danish pharmaceutical industry by launching Digisolvin LEO®, 这是第一种出口的丹麦药物. 1920年安东·安东斯死于交通事故, 工作在奥古斯特·康斯特德的名下继续进行. Shortly afterwards, LEO Pharma funds ground-breaking research by August Krogh and H.C. 哈格多恩在丹麦生产了第一批胰岛素.

In 1929, LEO Pharma changed its drug development focus to hormone products.

In 1929, LEO Pharma changed its drug development focus to hormone products

1930 - 1984年早期生物技术

In 1925, insulin production transfers to the independent Nordisk Insulin Foundation, and few years later LEO Pharma drug development changes focus to hormone products.

The company works systematically on isolating hormones from the urine of pregnant women, 年轻人和马. The knowledge gained puts LEO Pharma in a good position to produce drugs for the next half a century.

Kongsted, the founder of LEO Pharma and key contributor to the Danish medical and pharmaceutical industry, 死于1939年. 二战开始时, 欧洲陷入动荡, Kongsted的女婿, 克纳Abildgaard, 掌舵公司.

战争快结束的时候, LEO Pharma becomes the first company outside the UK and the US to produce penicillin – and the company supplies penicillin to leading hospitals and the resistance movement while keeping production secret from the German occupying forces.

In 1945, LEO Pharma employs more than 200 people and has an annual turnover of MDKK 3.7. LEO价目表包含约230种品牌产品.

战后, LEO Pharma launches a succession of drugs to improve the lives of people with atopic dermatitis, 脓疱病和肾脏病的抱怨遍布世界各地. 1949年至1959年, 利奥制药将所有生产转移到目前位于巴勒鲁普的总部, 丹麦, 并开始出口越来越多的医药产品.

在接下来的25年里, 在全球建立了9个分支机构, 今天市场上仍然有许多药物, 发射.

The iconic lion logo photographed in our headquarters in Ballerup, 丹麦

扩张1985 - 2008

LEO基金会成立于1984年, 为利奥制药将药物推向市场提供了坚实的基础. 当博士. 克纳Abildgaard passes away in 1986, the LEO Foundation assumes total control of the company. 利奥全球目前拥有2500名员工,年营业额达1亿欧元.14.

In 1991, LEO Pharma推出两款产品, which become among LEO Pharma's most renowned products throughout the company's history, 随后又推出了拱心石银屑病产品, Daivobet®,2001年.

Success stories in the treatment of psoriasis gain LEO Pharma international recognition – and its psoriasis treatments win prestigious awards from French Medec and Belgian Galein in 1994. The Confederation of Danish Industries chooses LEO Pharma's latest psoriasis products for its 2003 Product Award. LEO products continue to win awards – most recently in Spain and Germany in 2009.

2008年是它的百年庆典, LEO Pharma has grown into a truly global company with affiliates in different countries around the world. The factories in Ireland and 丹麦 hosting the penicillin production since 1945 are torn down, symbolising the end of an era in the history of LEO Pharma and the Danish pharmaceutical industry.

A brainstorming session at the LEO Pharma Innovation in central Copenhagen, 丹麦

了解巴黎人注册网站不同的创新单位 在这里


In 2009, LEO Pharma launches a new global strategy 'Going for Gold - step by step' with the stated ambition of growing the company.

成功的标准是保持利奥制药的独立性, to secure competitiveness in all we do and to nurture and develop the organisation.

尽管2008年是创纪录的一年, 利奥制药从来不满足于已有的成就, and in recognition of the challenges facing the healthcare industry in general, 利奥制药将继续保持领先地位. This requires continued financial independence, innovative drugs, and a strong pipeline. 它还需要扩大全球业务,实现两位数的销售增长. Above all, it requires the right people with a shared vision, mission and values. 从历史上看, LEO Pharma owes its success over the last 100 years to LEO People with a strong passion for innovation, 客户关注, 完整性和适应性. 狮子座的人有扩张的意志和巩固的能力. With the 'Going for Gold - step by step' strategy LEO Pharma has set the sails - if not for the next 100 years - then at least for the years to come.

2019年初, two of the company's researchers have been awarded Innovation Fund 丹麦’s Innovator of the Year Award 2019 for the development of Enstilar®.

今天, 随着全球业务的不断增长,利奥制药比以往任何时候都更加强大, 一支4人以上的专职工作队伍,700 specialists and a strong pipeline of unrivaled pharmaceutical products within dermatology and thrombosis. It is our vision to be the preferred dermatology care partner and improving people’s lives around the world by 2025.


In 2008, we proudly celebrated our 100th anniversary with flags bearing the LEO logo flying in every country w在这里 LEO products are available; with more than a hundred flags in total.

今天, 随着全球业务的不断增长,利奥制药比以往任何时候都更加强大, 一支4人以上的专职工作队伍,700 specialists and a strong pipeline of unrivalled pharmaceutical products within dermatology and thrombosis.